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What Our Clients are Saying

As a leading Online Soaps & Candles Store, we make sure to give our clients the utmost attention and service they deserve. We’re proud to showcase the following testimonials from some of our valued clients. Check out some of their experiences below, and see why you should be shopping with us too.

"The products are awesome. They arrive in the mail quickly and the customer service is stellar!"

Kay Dell

"In my opinion Premier Essentials Scents has the best soap on the market. The quality is undeniable! The soaps are all natural and I feel absolutely refreshed after taking a shower. Another advantage of using Premier Essentials soaps is that it actually acts like a natural deodorant. A wonderful product indeed!!"

Gerardo Nurse

"The soaps are refreshing. My skin is softer and more moisturized. Can't wait to try the candles."

Cheryl Parkinson

"I love the different scents. Love it love it love it!"

Lavinia Toms

"From the quality of the products to the outstanding customer service I continue to receive, Premier Essential Scents is an AMAZING brand! My skin feels great and the candles are fantastic. It is without question that I will remain a Premier customer and brand advocate!"

Vivian Lett

"Premier Essential Scents is my favorite site for handmade soaps. The natural ingredients are what keeps me as a loyal customer. My favorite soap is Midnight Opal because it contains activated charcoal which is amazing on my skin. It helps keep my face clear of acne and oils."

Alissa Simmons

"I love shopping with Premier Essential Scents. Sweet Lemontyne is my FAVORITE fragrance. I've tried the soap, the body oils, and the candles! I even purchased the soap dish, which does an excellent job of keeping my soap dry. I love Sweet Lemontyne so much, my husband bought me a basket of products for our wedding anniversary. It was BEAUTIFUL! I am a customer for life!"

Christina Preyor

"This is my second order from Premier Essentials. This order was the plain ole soap that gives you that cleaning refreshing smell. No heavy perfumes , just a clean sent. I love it and it doesn’t dry your skin out. I also decided to try the lavender oil to use after my workouts. I received my order last night but I didn’t workout so I used some to help me sleep. I put a couple of drops on my wrist and rubbed them together to warm up the oil. At first I didn’t fall asleep but when I tell you that was the best “work night” sleep I’ve had in a long time whew. My favorite for after working out is midnight opal soap, it gets the funk out especially after Muay Thai. I did ask Dee for recommendations on which soap to try base on my needs and she was spot on. Thanks Dee !! Definitely recommend and try!!"

Natasha Peele

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