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The story behind Premier Essential Scents


A family vacation to the Mediterranean sparked her passion to create. While visiting Grasse, France , the perfume capital of the world, Deirdre had the opportunity to make her own signature perfume in a lab at Galimard parfumerie. That unforgettable experience ignited her passion to create scented soaps, candles and body oils. Deirdre loves it when the handcrafted products she produces, makes people feel and smell good.

Our Team

Deirdre Huff

Managing Owner

Fun facts about Deirdre:

  • Ultimate Budgetnista / Groupon Guru: loves finding shop-portunites that won't break the bank.

  • Avid fan of people with British Accents

  • In love with all things, leather, shoes, Italy

  • Originally from the Nutmeg State (Cheshire, CT)

  • Just seconds after making her debut into the world, she commanded attention by grabbing the doctor's stethoscope

  • Has never broken any bones

  • Guilty pleasures include: movies, traveling, handcrafted scents, dessert, and hot McDonald's french fries


Vivian Lett

The Creative Alchemist

Fun facts about Vivian:

  • Her house always seems to attract the strangest animals

  • Can't cook so she married a Chef whom she adores

  • A HUGE fan of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones

  • Loves handmade gifts and handwritten letters

  • Can't seem to do yoga without straining something

  • Watches scary movies with her eyes covered


Calye Smalls

Brand Ambassador

  • Blue is her signature color

  • Has a very impressive music collection from various genres

  • Art gives her LIFE

  • Enjoys travelling

  • Secretly wishes she was British

  • Never meets a stranger

image1 (18).jpeg

Alissa Simmons

Brand Ambassador

Fun facts about Alissa: 

  • She's deathly afraid of heights

  • She believes she has strong psychic abilities

  • Has ZERO tattoos

  • Hates horror movies

  • LOVES thrifting and finding good buys

  • Coffee and wine aficionado 


Premier Essential Scents Products
-Photographed by Marlon Daniels

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